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a people of oscillators
The ether is free
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Fictive radioscapes that recall shortwave dérives and the sound of the ionosphere doing its own thing. Peopled by chirps and chatter, radio ‘static’ reveals an electromagnetic wilderness, traversed by spectral voices, stray ciphers and peeling heterodyne tones. Early radio ops projected themselves into an ’etheric ocean’ that had always existed, never knowing quite what they’d tangle with, or become, along the way. Late-radio is over-allocated and underpopulated, encroached and enclosed by binary platforms. A people of oscillators turns off its phone, turns back to the wilderness and imagines an etheric commons waiting to be recovered.

Re-transmit for accurate delivery via FM radio transmitter kit, for self-assembly.

Originally transmitted 2019-10-12 14:17:21 UTC -5.

Audio (prepared and improvised), text, image, print and PCB design by Paul Langdon. Magnetically captured by Robert K. Chapman; recording used by kind permission. Product design assistance by Nathan Medema. RF consultation and prototype assistance by Jean-François Blanchette.